SW204 Amber Topaz (Mayco) Cone 5-10

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Cone 6 (first image): Amber Topaz provides a translucent, light honey-blonde color. Designed to provide a hint of color with one coat, deeper color with two to three coats – but remaining translucent.

Cone 10 (second image): Color changes to a transparent brown.

TIP: One coat allows more of the clay body characteristics to appear through the glaze, adding a faint color gloss to the surface. Subsequent coats deepen the amber color but at three coats you will still obtain a translucent fired surface. Three+ coats will produce more opacity and less translucency. Heavy application may increase the incidence of crazing.


Stoneware classic glazes offer the depth, sophistication and reliability to artists working from mid-range to high-fire temperatures. Many glazes will break over textures, revealing secondary colors and shades. Used alone, stoneware glazes produce beautiful color variations. One coat will allow the clay body to show through the glaze and two to three coats deeper the color. The choice of clay body, thickness of glaze application, firing process and temperature will affect the fired finish.

Firing Range:
Midrange Cone 5/6
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Size: 16oz / Color: Brown / Firing Range: Midrange Cone 5/6

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