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Beginning Drawing

Beginning Drawing 74531 ART 120   Mary White    MW 8:am-10:20am

Beginning Drawing 75541 ART 120   Joseph Cory MW 8:00am-10:20am

Beginning Drawing 74533 ART 120   Tyler Smith    MW 10:30am-12:50pm

Beginning Drawing 75545 ART 120   Tyler Smith    MW 1:00pm-3:20pm

Beginning Drawing 74532 ART 120    Scott Thompson MW 3:30pm-5:50pm

Beginning Drawing 76726 ART 120    Nicholas Tisdale TR 2:00pm-4:20pm

Two-Dimensional Design

Two-Dimensional Design ART 101 Natalie Harrison MW 10:30am-12:50pm

Two-Dimensional Design ART 101 Natalie Harrison MW 1:00pm-3:20pm

Beginning Painting

Beginning Painting ART 230 Joseph Cory MW 10:30am-12:50pm


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