SOFT WHITE 1520 (Spectrum)

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The NOVA line of Stoneware Glazes consists of a selection of 30 cone 4/6 glazes available wet or dry in 1, 3 and  5 gallon buckets for dipping or in pint jars and gallon jugs for brushing. In dry form the buckets contain 7 1/2 lb, 22.5 lb. and 37.5 lb.  of dry glaze, respectively.  The main difference between the NOVA series and our 1100 series Stoneware Glazes is that the NOVA series glazes are formulated mainly from raw materials, such as kaolin, feldspar, wollastonite, oxides, etc. rather than the frits and ceramic stains that we use in the 1100 series. There are two significant benefits from using raw materials. First, they are less expensive which leads to more economical pricing. Second, raw materials are less dense than frits and stains which makes them easier to suspend in water.  The NOVA glazes are much more tolerant to being mixed with excessive water and will very rarely settle out in the way that the 1100 series can. However, it is still important to follow the mixing instructions that come with the dry glaze in order to have the glaze set up correctly for dipping.

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