Prismacolor NuPastel 12 Assorted Colors
$20.56 $25.69
NuPastel sets by Prismacolor. Sticks offer artists a rainbow of hues which may be further mixed to produce clear and unique tones. In addition, these pastel sticks offer a variety of different color intensities that may be controlled by using a firm or light touch.
Cleaner, stronger NuPastel sticks are designed to be more durable and to crumble less.
  • Stronger than standard pastels for less breakage, dust and easier cleanup
  • Can be used wet or dry for varying effects
  • Composed of rich, creamy pigment that's the artist’s choice for blending and shading
  • Brilliant pigments deliver beautiful, velvety color
  • 12 pack includes: Deep Cadmium Yellow: 257P, Pale Vermillion: 266P, Carnival Red: 336P, Violet: 224P, Sanguine: 213P, Sepia: 293P, Sap Green: 208P, Hooker’s Green: 228P, Ultramarine Blue: 265P, Iron Blue: 225P, White: 211P and Black: 229P

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