Polymer Rib - Shape 4 / Yellow / Soft (Mudtools)
Polymer Rib - Shape 4 / Yellow / Soft (Mudtools) Polymer Rib - Shape 4 / Yellow / Soft (Mudtools)

Sometimes you need to make a point! The corner on the Polymer Rib Shape 4 gives a beautiful line on the clay. You also get two flat surfaces and three radiuses.  Michael wants this one in his toolbox if he’s stranded on a deserted island.

All of our polymer ribs are made of unique flexible materials that are resistant to wear and the formation of burrs. We've found that with general use these ribs become burnished over time. Each polymer rib shape is available in variations of flexibility. 

Whether you are throwing clay on the wheel, hand building or sculpting, the pottery rib is a classic and essential tool. It acts as an extension of the potter's hand to create shapes and surfaces that fingers alone cannot achieve.

We believe our tools should not only function well, but should be pleasant to look at and a joy to use. Whatever you want to make, we've got you covered.