MIRROR 1116 (Spectrum)

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Metallic Glazes – 1112, 1114, 1116, 1188, 1198. – Are all lead free but they exceed the vanadium and/or copper threshold limit in the liquid unfired state and therefore are not non-toxic.  However, they are all food safe if fired to the proper firing temperature. They are formulated to produce reactions during the firing cycle which produce the beautiful metallic effects.  The final appearance of the glaze is dependent on firing temperature, glaze thickness and the composition of the clay body being used.  The same glaze can look quite different on different clay bodies.  The samples shown on the color charts are 3 brush coats of glaze fired to cone 5 in an electric kiln on a white clay body.  Different results should be expected in reduction.

The Cone 5 Stoneware Reactive glazes are all lead-free and dinnerware safe.  They are formulated to product interesting and beautiful effects after firing. Their final appearance can be affecting by different clays and, also the presence or layering of other glazes. Due to the sensitive nature of these glazes, Cone 5 is our recommended firing temperature.

This glaze series contains a selection of 83 cone 4/6 Stoneware Glazes. All of these glazes are lead-free and dinnerware safe. Most of them also come with the A/P non-toxic rating from the Art & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI) which is clearly marked on the product label. Some of the reactive type glazes are rated C/L by the ACMI which means that they are considered toxic in the liquid (unfired) state due to the presence of heavy metals, such as copper or vanadium, beyond the non-toxic legal limit. C/L rated glazes are not suitable for use by young children or pregnant women.

There is a choice of gloss, satin or crackle finishes. Most of our plain colored glazes are opaque and come in gloss and satin finishes. There are a few plain colored semi-transparent gloss glazes, such as 1111 Holly Green. Many of our most popular stoneware glazes are the reactive type colors which produce multi-tone and multi-colored effects created by a combination of various metal oxides. Many interesting effects can be created by layering these reactive type glazes with each other. In particular, layering a more fluid glaze, such as 1173, underneath or on top of one of the other reactive glazes often produces beautiful results.

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