Fixative Concentrate (SpectraFix)

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Fixative Concentrate

SpectraFix Concentrate is perfect for artists wishing to control the casein or alcohol content of their fixative, or for use as a painting medium to mix directly with pigments. Made from the same ingredients as the Degas Fixative, our Concentrate only requires that you add a clear alcohol such as vodka, and you are ready to spray your fixative! The label is marked with 1/2 oz (15ml) guidelines on the back, to make measuring easy. Purchase our optional 4 oz Empty Spray Bottle, pour in 1/2 oz (15ml) Concentrate and then fill with clear alcohol.   Makes up to 16 oz (480 ml) total. Please see the mixing instructions below for further information.

How to Mix SpectraFix Concentrate

Pour 1/4 bottle Concentrate into the 4oz Spray Bottle, top it off with alcohol, give it a little shake to mix it, and spray! You can also use as a painting medium straight out of the bottle.

You may mix with any clear, colorless, unsweetened alcoholic liquor such as Vodka, Gin, Grappa or Everclear. Most distilled spirits such as vodka, are 40% alcohol right out of the bottle, and can be added directly to the SpectraFix Concentrate. If you wish to have less water and more alcohol in your mixture for faster evaporation or use on thinner papers, you can use a strong alcohol such as 90% Everclear and dilute it with 1/3 water. Rubbing (Isopropyl) alcohol does work too, but must be tested with a small amount of the concentrate first to ensure that it does not cause the casein to coagulate into lumps. This is because some alcohol manufacturers use strong acids to make the alcohol, and the chemistry affects the casein proteins. Be sure to read the label to check the strength of the rubbing alcohol. You can dilute 91% by mixing it with 1/2 – 1/3rd its volume of water which will yield a 45% – 60% alcohol strength. Just be sure to test it first by mixing a small amount!

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