AC302P Wax Resist (Mayco)

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Wax Resist


Wax Resist repels color when brushing underglaze or glaze or when dipped glaze is applied over it. Can be used for waxing the foot of thrown pieces before glazing or using as a decorative design technique. The product is blue out of the jar so when painting with it, you can easily see where it’s applied.


Apply one generous coat of Wax Resist. Even a thin coat will repel color. Once an area is coated with Wax Resist a second coat will not adhere to the previous one; it will bead up on the first coat. Once a coat of Wax Resist is applied it can only be removed by firing. When glaze or color is applied over Wax Resist with an underlying unfired glaze, any “beads” of color remaining on the wax need to be removed prior to firing. These can be removed by gently wiping or pouncing a clean, damp sponge over the waxed areas. Caution: any color left on the wax will adhere to the fired surface. A varied and dramatic effect in the fired finish can be achieved with a sea wool sponge. Mayco recommends the brush or sponge be preconditioned with a brush cleaner to allow easier cleanup. Condition the brush by saturating the hairs. Then remove any excess Brush Cleaner before using the Wax Resist. If Wax Resist should dry in the brush it may be removed using mineral spirits. Wax Resist is removed by firing in the kiln.

ACMI CLDinnerware Safe

Wax Resist is AP Certified Non-Toxic, Food Safe and Dinnerware Safe when used according to manufacturer’s directions.

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