Copperplate Paper 22"x30" White, 250gsm
$3.90 $6.94

Copperplate paper is mouldmade by the Zerkall mill in Germany. Neutral pH, 25% Cotton/ 75% Sulfite it is considered as one of the premier printmaking papers. Zerkall Copperplate is referred to as a "waterleaf" paper, which has no internal or external sizing. Because of its lack of sizing it does not require soaking before printing. Performs best when misted or slightly dampened between wet blotters.
Paper has a medium textured surface and slightly pink cast. It is affordable and ideal for printmaking, drawing and great for marbling paper.


  • Hand Lithography
  • Intaglio
  • Letterpress
  • Pastel & Charcoal
  • Silkscreen


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