Twisted Double-Point Etching Needle
$7.38 $11.95

Edward C. Lyons Steel Twisted Double Point Scribe

Capable of producing extremely sensitive lines, these etching needles and scribes taper to fine points and are intended for use on grounded plates. They can be resharpened.

  • 7 inches long.
  • Dry point scribes are effective in adding detail or tone of a linear burr type.
  • The line is created as the dry point or needle is dragged or drawn over the plate.
  • When printed the line has a blurred effect.
  • Also, can be used as an etching needle.

Twisted Etching Needle — A crossover hit in the world of modeling, mold making, and sgraffito, this tool is solid steel with a tapered point on both ends. 


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