PaperMate Pink Pearl Eraser, Large
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Erase your mistakes without a trace with the PaperMate Pink Pearl Large Erasers. Ideal for kids from elementary school through college, they also work well in a home or professional office. The size is large enough to last for a long while, but it is still convenient to stash in a pencil pouch, desk drawer or backpack. This premium Pink Pearl eraser removes pencil marks easily and can even remove some types of pen and charcoal. The soft, pliable rubber is comfortable to use and will not tear paper. It is self-cleaning and provides smudge-free results.

PaperMate Pink Pearl Eraser:
  • Premium soft eraser
  • Provides clean corrections
  • Easily removes pencil marks
  • Will not tear paper
  • Self-cleaning Pink Pearl erasers
  • Smudge-resistant large eraser
  • Classic slim, rectangular design and pink color
  • Sharp corners and flat sides so that you can easily erase both small details and large areas
  • Ideal for home, classroom and office use
  • An excellent choice when taking exams, writing essays or drawing sketches
  • Suitable for use with standardized tests where neatness is required
  • 100% latex-free to help keep your pages neat and clean



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