Klopfenstein Horizontal Taboret
$698.00 $875.00

Klopfenstein's industrial-strength Horizontal Taboret (KT100H) was designed to provide years of hard, everyday classroom or studio use.

An industrial strength taboret that is made from heavy gauge steel and built to provide lasting durability.  Its all welded construction means no nuts or bolts to ever break or work loose.

No assembly required except for attaching the hard rubber casters, which make moving this taboret EASY!

The two cavernous drawers are  6” deep by 12” wide by  18-1/4” long.  The all steel drawers are fitted with stops to prevent them from accidentally being pulled all the way out and are individually lockable.

Top and lower shelves are 18”x 30”.  Tops and shelves are hardboard solidly supported on rigid steel angle iron frames with a 3/8” high lip to keep materials in place—or hold a glass palette in place.  

  • Weight. 80 lbs.
  • 18 x 30” footprint by 33-1/2” high.  
  • Each drawer is lockable (not included.)
  • An ultra functional workhorse especially designed and built for years of hard, everyday classroom survival!
  • Made in the USA.

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Why Klopfenstein?

Engineered For Performance—Built For Durability

Our ruggedly built, all welded steel equipment is so strong and durable you may never have to replace it! You save money, and needless frustration. Slip-proof auto-locking canvas trays,* forward or back tilt upper canvas clamp adjustability, drawing benches & tables with telescoping and inclinable drawing surfaces, and instantly attachable accessories provide unequaled versatility. Wherever possible we’ve minimized or completely eliminated the “Some Assembly Required” ordeal and over half of our painting & drawing equipment ships “ready to go right out of the box.”

* Available on PE100, PE101 and KS100 easels only

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