Golden Gloss Archival Varnish, 10 oz

Archival Aerosol Varnish MSA with UVLS is formulated with 100% solvent-based, reversible acrylic co-polymer resin. Use this spray-on acrylic varnish for an archival, non-yellowing finish on all media including paintings, drawings, ink-jet prints, etc.

The 100% acrylic polymer in mineral spirit vehicle goes on clear and stays clear, with a fan spray tip for precise application. The varnish's UV light stabilizers inhibit light damage.

While the varnish is permanent, with excellent dust and moisture resistance, it is removable for conservation purposes making it preferred by professional painters, conservators, museums and gallery customers.

Helpful Information


Prior to actual use, it is very important to experiment with Golden varnishes on test pieces to become aware of how they perform and how they alter the surface appearance of paintings. For best results, apply to a test piece that is similar in composition as the artwork to be varnished. This will help ensure that all variables are accounted for, and a successful varnish application will be achieved.


Applying an isolation coat before varnishing is only recommended for acrylic paintings. Do not use an isolation coat on oil paintings.

Graphite/Pastels/Colored Pencil/Marker/Watercolor/Gouache

Due to the varying effects and changes that can occur when using the Archival Spray Varnish over Pastel, various drawing media, Watercolor and Gouache, it is recommended that you do NOT use it for fixing, top coating, or varnishing these mediums, unless first testing and experimenting thoroughly.


GOLDEN Archival Varnish contains Ultra Violet Light Stabilizers (UVLS) to protect materials from damaging light sources. However, spray coats are very thin compared to brush coats. The amount of varnish above the substrate and colorants is directly related to the level of UV resistance and the degree of fading due to light sources. When UV protection is required from this product, allow time to build up multiple coats. Testing shows 6 Archival Varnish w/UVLS coats are required to impede color shift of fugitive materials. When multiple spray coats are impractical, consider brush applying 2 or more coats of GOLDEN MSA Varnish (Gloss) if considerable UV protection is critical. After sufficient coats are built up, use GOLDEN Archival Varnish to develop the desired sheen.

For more information, application and troubleshooting, visit the Golden Artist Colors website.



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