Olympic 18 Raku Kiln
$2,057.00 $3,025.00

Olympic 18 Raku Gas Kiln
with Ignition System & Thermocouple Safety Shut-off

  • Fires to cone 10 / 2350°F
  • Inside dimensions:  17.5” wide x 22.5” deep, 3.29 cubic feet
  • Outside dimensions:  39” wide x 72” high

Olympic’s 18 Raku gas bisques, high fires (cone 10), reduces, and best of all – is especially designed for raku work. It’s clean, easy, efficient and effortless.

Today, potters can create the ancient Japanese technique of raku with its unique beauty, metallic luster and colors with an Olympic Raku kiln. The raku process involves reducing (starving the oxygen) the glazed raku pottery in combustible materials such as leaves, sawdust, newspaper, etc. When the pieces are ready to take out of the kiln, they are placed in galvanized trash containers with combustible materials and covered. Once the pieces are cooled down, they are removed from the containers, washed and reveal the rich warm effects of raku. 

The Olympic 18 Raku is constructed from durable firebrick. The firing chamber can be smoothly elevated by the turn of a hand winch, allowing easy access, while trapping the heat in the kiln and away from the operator. All Olympic Rakus are equipped with venturi burner systems to ensure even temperature firings.

The ignition ring and thermocouple safety shut-off is used to light the multiple burner system from one point, maintain the flame on each burner and re-ignite any burner that may extinguish. The thermocouple safety shut-off will stop the gas flow if the flame is lost entirely.

Additional Specifications:

  • 120,000 BTU/HR
  • Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LP)
  • ¾” Gas Pipeline
  • Water Column Pressure Required
  • 7” Natural Gas ♦ 11” Propane
  • 2 Burners
  • Orifice Size: 1/8 - NG ♦ 3/32 LP

Shipping and Handling:

Please contact Alabama Art Supply for a quote including shipping and handling. Phone our Birmingham store: 205-322-4741. Or e-mail us at Alabama.Art@outlook.com.

About Olympic Kilns

Olympic Kilns began manufacturing kilns in Seattle, Washington and derives its name from the Olympic Mountains. As the company grew so did its product lines to include electric, gas and glass kilns for the hobbyist, production artist and manufacturer of finished fired ware.

Olympic Kilns moved in 1982 to Georgia to be near its raw materials, insulating firebrick, to eliminate excess costs both to the company and its customers. Today the company resides in Flowery Branch, Georgia, located 45 miles northeast of Atlanta and provides more models, styles and types of kilns than any other kiln manufacturer today.