Original Hi Roller Slab Roller
Original Hi Roller Slab Roller Original Hi Roller Slab Roller
$1,629.00 $2,395.00

Original Hi Roller Slab Roller - Wall Mounted

The Original Hi Roller was developed to form better slabs with amazing speed and noticeably less user effort. The innovative forming process in combination with the vertical orientation makes the slabs better. Designed and engineered to be classroom tough, it's guaranteed for life.

So you're working on your next masterpiece and you need to quickly roll a slab. Or you're in production and will likely roll slabs all day and half of tomorrow. No matter! Here's how brilliantly the Original Hi Roller helps you to get it done..

Quick and Easy
Just offer a block of clay to the roller as the drive handle is rotated. Your clay is pulled down through free-wheeling rollers and returned as a flat slab in just seconds, ready for use. A single pass is all it takes!
Clutter Free
What a difference it makes to never have to clean off your slab roller for use! The canvas is integrated into the design, perfectly aligned and ready when you are. Easy-to-change  integrated and auxiliary canvases are available to accommodate multiple clay bodies, as well as a transport system to carry slabs to the work table untouched.

The Traditional Problem
Clay lacks strength in its moist form and it is heavy. Driven rollers that push the clay across a horizontal surface can set-up unwanted patterns within the slab. Single-roller machines have been shown to produce a dramatic difference throughout the thickness of the slab. This has long been thought to contribute to the warping of a slab during drying and firing.

Suggestions to neutralize these unwanted patterns include heavy ribbing in different directions or multiple thinning passes while rotating and flipping the slab. This technique has proven to be time consuming, labor intensive, and inconsistent.

The innovative Solution
Pulling the canvas and clay vertically through idler rollers removes the detrimental effects of gravity from the process, resulting in a move evenly formed slab. Total forming pressures are evenly distributed and minimized. Saving space is just a bonus!


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Additional Integrated Canvas $60.00
A quick change out to avoid cross-contamination of clay when rolling slabs of different clay bodies.

Auxiliary Canvas
Large -  30" x 72" $45.00
Small - 30" x 30" $37.50
Handy to have for handling particularly large or thin slabs or to keep slabs perfectly flat throughout the process. Also allows quick protection of the currently installed integrated canvas from cross-contamination.

Wall-Mount Conversion Kit $90.00
All the necessary hardware to convert a free-standing unit to a wall-mounted unit.

Free-Standing Conversion Kit $90.00
All the necessary hardware to convert a wall-mounted unit to a free-standing unit.

Caster Set $37.50
Wheels with brakes for the free-standing unit for added versatility and portability.

Original Hi Roller Specifications

Lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

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