Alvin Cutting Mat, Green/Black
Alvin Cutting Mat, Green/Black Alvin Cutting Mat, Green/Black
$15.16 $18.95

Print shops, design studios and other professional organizations know that to achieve a clean and precise cut for paper and more, you need a cutting mat base. These cutting mats feature one green side and one black side, both with white 1" grid lines with 1/4" graduations to help you align and measure your materials to be cut.

They are made of a non-stick and non-marring, self-healing material that bounces back after being cut for extreme durability. This self healing feature means that these cutting mats will literally heal after your blade presses into their surface, preventing the cuts and dents caused by average use.

  • They are impervious to cuts, abrasions, & liquid spills, and they will not dull the blade in use.
  • Both sides of these cutting mats have a non-glare, opaque surface, so it is easy to read the grid, even under harsh lighting.
  • This Cutting Mat features 1/2" grid lines and 1/4" graduations on the base and left-hand vertical edges; so measuring your items has never been easier.
  • Can also be used as a desk blotter or general-purpose work mat.
  • Hanging hole for convenient storage.
  • Find the perfect center on any project with zero centering lines.
  • Cutting mat is green on one side, black on the other, both sides with grid lines.
  • 3 mm thick



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